Opal Alvarez

Couldn’t ask for a better puppy in terms of personality. And the overall experience with Pug Breed Dogz has been great. They’re very involved with you through each phase of bringing your pup home. His overall health condition is great, little pint size ball of energy. Ever since my little Diego has arrived my life has taken on a much needed overhaul. Thank you.

Glenda Bessey

Pug Breed Dogz did an amazing job with communicating and providing all the answers to my questions. When Mishi came to our family the first day, she got comfortable with us quick.

Elizabeth Garrett

From the initial contact, my experience with Pug Breed Dogz was great. They were knowledgeable and helpful while guiding me to find the perfect puppy for my family. They guided me through the process and were there to answer my questions. My puppy was safely delivered to my door and we could not be more in love.

Gayle Ross

The purchase of our puppy was an incredible experience. We were kept up to date with his growth and health information. Thank goodness we purchased the new puppy package. He arrived at our house with everything we the new parents needed. He is the sweetest little guy we could ever hoped for and Pug Breed Dogz was great!

Dawn Clark

I was nervous about buying a puppy over the internet. I researched Pug Breed Dogz and had confidence that they were legitimate, so I went for it and purchased. It was affordable but I am pleased to say that the whole experience was very positive. I have a healthy, happy pup who is not a product of a puppy mill. I give them 5 stars.

Melissa Sorensen

Very easy, smooth experience with Pug Breed Dogz. Always available to answer questions and give support. Very good at communications via email, as well

Willard Hood

Good experience. Love our puppy. He’s going to vet next week. Everything was professionally handled.